Where to call in Baltimore City
(all numbers are 410)


  • 361-2235 To report child Abuse/Neglect
  • 361-4663 Homeless and Seeking Temporary Shelter
  • 685-0123 Gas leak
  • 706-7701 Poison Control Center
  • 361-4600 Public Assistance
  • 828-6390 Rape Crisis Center
  • 396-5352 Clogged storm drains, flooding, open fire hydrants, water bill complaints and other water related concerns

Motor Vehicles
  • 396-4308 To report abandoned vehicles
  • 396-3050 To report problems with traffic signs or signals
  • 768-7000 To apply for or renew your driver's license
  • 768-7000 To renew vehicle tags

  • 396-6865 To obtain City Public Works Permits
  • 396-3787 To obtain Food Permits
  • 396-7946 To obtain a Permit to use public parks for events
  • 396-3360 To obtain Building Permits
  • 396-3042 To inquire about Residential Parking Permits
  • 396-4428 To obtain Waste Hauler Permits
  • 396-POOL To apply for Ridesharing Permits

Public Safety
  • 685-DRUG To report illegal drug activity
  • 685-GUNS To turn in guns to the Police Department
  • 396-2525 To learn crime prevention techniques
  • 311 For all non-emergency police assistance
  • 396-5752 To learn how to prevent fires in your home

  • 396-4511 To request assistance with a community clean-up
  • 396-4515 To inquire about residential trash collection, street and alley cleaning, bulk trash removal, etc.
  • 396-5916 To obtain information or a listing of recycling days
  • 396-9393 To have graffiti removed from public areas

Street Repairs and Services
  • 396-8111 To report complaints about alleys, sidewalks and roadways
  • 396-SNOW To request snow plowing, salting or salt boxes
  • 396-5965 To report street lighting problems

Baltimore City Liquor Board
396-4377 Monday - Friday 8:30am to 430pm 545-6360 Nightline Complaint Number
Nightline Hours: Monday - Friday 4:30pm to 3:00am
Saturday and Sunday 1:00pm to 3:00am

Baltimore City Neighborhood Service Centers
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