Sitting with Baltimore Folks

By Margaret Ann

     I was born in Baltimore and lived there until 1980. Now live in North Miami Beach, Florida and with my whole family living in Maryland ( Part in Baltimore) I'm hoping to be able to move back to Maryland within the next two years.

     I love Maryland and as for Baltimore I have seen a lot of changes but in the early morning and late evening there isn't anything like setting out on the porches or pearly white city steps and talking to the city folks with a beer in hand.

     Some of them are poor but you never know the little old person you are sharing that beer with. They could have money in the bank that could buy the whole block or two but love the city and would never move out I know because I know some of these great people.

     When these old timers that set on these white steps with there next door fellow men for 40 and 50 years watching children and grandchildren born and fly their nest. Only then will the city change. But for sure it could never be as great as the years on the steps with the sun going down and the children, grandchildren and even the great grandchildren meet and laugh telling jokes as they walk away to go to their homes until the next time they stop by to see their grandparents or parents.

     This is the real city as only few of us know and love.

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