Born in Baltimore in 1917

by: Ida Neviaser

     Family moved away to Wash.,D.C. in 1935, so my memories go back a long long way.

     I remember being about 6 years of age and living on east Baltimore Street above a store which was my father's business. Parades would pass us by and thinking I am the luckiest person because I could sit on the curbstone and watch the parade go by.

     I remember when we moved to North Bentalou Street and we lived in a house. Every Saturday My mother, my twin sister and I would take the streetcar and go downtown for lunch and to buy sweets. Before air conditioning, we would go in back to the alley or our garage and my father would turn the garden hose on us. Oh it was so deliciously cold!

     By the time we went to junior high school, we lived on Belair road. To get to Clifton Park Junior High School, we had to take 3 streetcars, 1 on Belair Rd., 1 on North Avenue, and 1 on Harford Road.

     We went to Eastern High School. We moved so many times because times were so hard. Our class of 1935 was called the depression year. We moved to D.C. when we grahduated high school. By that time, we were living on Pratt and Anne streets. We were poor, but I never felt deprived.

     There were many happy memories---Druid Hill Park--summer Sundays going to the shore--seeing a prize fight--feeling the Baltimore schools were the best--the Shot Tower--the Bromo Seltzer clock--Lexington Market-----on and on---

     Ida Neviaser <>

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