Streetcars In Northeast Baltimore

by: Alex Mastrocola

Hi Steve,

     I read your article in Baltimore Memories and enjoyed it. I can relate to riding streetcars in 1954 when I was 14, only I was on the other side of town from you on Belair Rd and Southern Ave. Never spent much time in Catonsville. My memory is straining here, but I think it was the #8 that I took up Belair Rd transferring to #44 on Frankfurt Ave to go to Hamilton Junior High. Then later on for high school (Baltimore City College) the #8 down Belair Rd to Erdman to transfer but for the life of me I can't recall the number of that car.

     I left Baltimore in '80, now living in Florida. Still love the O's, but have not been able to watch an NFL game since the Colt's were pulled out......

     Thanks for helping jog my memory,

Alex Mastrocola <>

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