Catonsville Village

By: Joanne Senn Porter

     I can appreciate the article by Mr. Mize about Catonsville;since I grew up down the street from The Candlelight Lodge. I also went swimming at Five Oaks swimming pool. I grew up in the 60's and 70's, and remember the "Junction", after the street car days. Catonsville still had a small-town way about it then.

     When I go back that feeling is gone, unfortunately when I see my mom. My husbands family is from Catonsville many generations ago, and we have pictures before automobiles were invented of Catonsville.

     His grandfather was George Porter.,and his Great Aunt was Jane Porter's candies on Edmonson Ave. Then became Kreh's corner, now The Candy Box. Our Dr. was Dr. McGrath and he made house calls. He still practices medicine.


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