No Fish Today

By Michael Emig

     I was just sitting here having a beer and remembering how nice it used to be going to No Fish Today on Eutaw Street back in the 1970's. I think that the cover charge used to be $3.00 to get in the door. The bar downstairs used to have a huge painting hanging over it. I don't remember the subject of the painting. I remember listening to various bands that played at the Fish. I think one was called "Cowboy Jazz" and another one was "The Fabulous Thunderbirds".

     The focal point of the downstairs bar was the fabulous large brick fireplace that dominated the central area of the first floor. The bands always played in the front of the first floor. The bar was located midway between the band area and the fireplace. There was a poker machine next to the bar.In the back of the first floor were pinball machines and the restrooms.

     Upstairs was another bar. That area had a motif of old stained glass windows and some old statues. I think that there were also some pinball machines on the second floor of the Fish.

     I was saddened when "No Fish Today" burned down. I don't remember what year that occured. Well,for what it is worth,that is something that I thought I'd throw out there.

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