By Michael Ridgely <>

     I really enjoyed reading your recollections about Gwynn Oak. Through the 50's, I lived as a child on Montbell Avenue, which is only a short walk from the park. I went to Woodlawn Elementary School. I can well remember laying in bed at night listening to the people yell and scream as they went down the hill on the Big Dipper. I could see the top of the double Ferris Wheel from my window.

     Needless to say, I spent countless hours at the park. I use to fish below the dam, and often walked across the rocks and over the water gate, in order to avoid walking all the way around to the main entrance. The foot bridge eventually eliminated this risk, to the great pleasure of my mother.

     At 57 now, I still love to get on rides. The new technology is amazing, but it has never captured the feel of the old parks.

     One of my best memories was taking my new girlfriend to the park for our first date. We have now been married for 36 years.

     I'm going to rummage through my old photographs this weekend. I seem to remember having some park pictures. If I find anything worthwhile, I'll send you a scan. Again, thanks for the memories!

Michael Ridgely

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