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     One of the best things I remember about growing up in Hampden - especially during the Summer was living close to Pop Warner's Ice House on the corner of Keswick Road and Berry Street. The ice house was in the rear of his home near the alley, where he dispenced 25, 50, and 100 ibs. of ice to the neighborhood for our ice boxes before refrigerators came along. But his best feature -especially to us kids - were his snowballs, hand shaved that he sold in butcher trays for 2c, 5c, and 10c. The 2c ones were "plain," flovor, only, 5c got you one with marshmallow and 10c was one with both marshmellow and ice cream. Most folks brought their own containers for their snowballs, which seemed to hold more than the butcher trays and would not melt as fast. Pop had all the good flavors, too, even the ones he called his "Jell-O" ones; Strawberry, Raspberry, Cherry, Orange, Lemon and Lime. My favorite, though, was Egg Custard, Mom liked Grape, and Dad liked Root Beer. Some nights it seemed like the whole neighborhood was enjoying one of Pop's Snowballs, as we sat on our steps out front and cooled off with a delicious Summer treat.

     As the years passed, and the neighborhood kitchens gradually changed from Ice Box to Refrigerators, Pop had to close his ice house. The snowball trade was not enough to keep him in business. Later, the Tennent's Drug Store on the corner of Chestnut Avenue and W. 36th. Street, purchased an electric snowball shaver, and we once again had out snowballs - but - there was something missing....Pop Warner's persoal touch...a little extra flavor and no extra charge. Ahh.....what memories.

Owens Pomeroy
Hampden Boy

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