Walking to Wallbrook Junction

By Linda Suwall Johnson

     I was born in Baltimore in 1938, and when I was old enough to venture out on my own, my friends and I would walk to Wallbrook junction (there was a car barn there) and board the streetcar to ride downtown.

     There we would shop at Hutzlers, Stewarts, The May Co., etc., and have lunch at the counter at Woolworths. I also remember many shopping excursions to Lexington Market, where my mother would buy meat, produce, grated coconut and Utz potato chips by the bag.

     Every now and then Dad would drive us across town to Hausners for a special dinner. I remember being impressed by all the glorious artwork and the mile high strawberry shortcake.

Ah, those were the "good old days"!
Linda Suwall Johnson LndJoh@aol.com

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