By Owens Pomeroy <>

     Every time I watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, my thoughts go back to another Thanksgiving Parade right here n Baltimore. That was the traditional Hochshield Kohn Thanksgiving Parade. This parade was long before we saw the Macy one on TV. It began in the late 30's and continued on until the store closed down in the 60's.

     It started at 10 am at the Washington Monuement on Charlers Street and proceeded South to Monument Street, then East on Monument to Howard Street and then South down Howard past the Hoschield Kohn Store breaking up at Redwood Street. There were no gigantic baloons, like in Macy's, due to the Streetcar overhead lines all along the route. Instaed, we had small baloons manned by HK Employees of Mickey Mouse, Donaled Duck, and other cartoon characters popular during that era.

     There were many Military and Civic Bands and Drum Corps that participated in that parade. Such units as the 2nd. Army Band from Ft. Meade, The Marine Corps and Navy Bands from nearby bases. The Police and Fire Department Bands, the Hamilton, Shrine Of The Little Flower, Macabean, 29th. Duivision Association, Flanders, & Dundalk Drum & Bugle Corps were also prominet in that parade. Many Political figures from Mayor to City Councilman, showed up for the Parade. Sometime if there was a Hollywood Celebrity appearing at the Hippodrome or Fords Theater that week, they would be riding in the Prade in Cadallics from Chesapeake Cadallic on 25th. Street. I can remember one year as seeing the 3 Stooges, who were appearing at the Hippodrome, and Raumond Massey, who was appearing at Fords Theater in Abe Lincoln In Illinois as being in the Parade.

     The Parade was suspended from 1942-1945, due to WW II and the lack of rubber to make new Baloons for the Parade. During the 1950's the crowds seemed to grow sparse, and the baloons were showing their age. When Macy's started to Televise their parade, most of us - myself included opted to stay home and watch it on TV rather than to brave the cold of those Baltimore Thanksgiving Winters standing on the corner of Howard and Saratoga, watching our Hoiday parade. The Parade is now but a memory of another Baltimore tradition that will never retutn.

Owens Pomeroy

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