Down Memory Lane

Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 09:27:07
From: Albert Schramm <>
Subject: Nostalgia

     Thanks for taking me on a small trip down memory lane (in this case, the old #14 line on Edmondson Avenue, which took me home; the #8 out Frederick Road and through the woods in Catonsville to the Junction; and the #9 -- I think it was 9, but oh, so long ago -- that went from Catonsville Junction down to Ellicott City).

     Many a night I would lie awake in summer and listen to that curious signature howl of a streetcar rolling swiftly over the Edmondson Avenue bridge below Poplar Grove street; that sound carried up "the hill" all the way past the Village.

     Ah, nostalgia. Ah, progress (?).

     Again, thanks. Great web site. Hope you get lots of hits and many more visitors to experience a little bit of yesterday.

     Albert Schramm

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