Remembering Catonsville and Streetcars

Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 19:21:19 EST

     I too lived in Catonsville, Maryland.I was born in Womens Hospital, Oct 5, 1933. I moved to Catonsville in 1939.

     I remember that the VILLAGE was just that....A Village. We had one of everything. I lived at 31 Holmehurst Avenue in Catonsville, right off of Frederick Avenue.

     I attended Catonsville Elementary, and from there to Catonsville High School. My Father was killed at Landsdown on April 15 1944. He was 38 yrs old.

     I too will never forget the streetcars. I used to hook school and go down town to the movies. I was considered a BAD KID, because I hooked school. My how times have changed.

     I loved my childhood years. The crickets, leaving our doors open and unlocked too. Spring Grove was just off Wade Avenue, and my back yard was about 20 feet from an open field. I went swimming at five oaks pool.

     Went to the ALPHA movies, bowled in the bowling alley that was just under the ALPHA Theatre. I rode my bicycle on Frederick Road, to and from school.

     I remember when the streetcar turned itself around and went back up to the other turn around where the streetcar came and went all the way downtown. Those were the most glorious days of my life.

     I have lived in many places since Catonsville, but that little ole place will always have my heart.

Deane A. Mize, Dallas, Texas

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