The Community Bill of Rights is a new law which took effect on October 1, 1996. It allows community associations to directly seek enforcement of many Baltimore City Codes. For example, the community bill of rights would allow a community association to directly file suit against the owner of a vacant lot asking the court to order the owner to clean up the lot and keep it clean. However, there are many hurdles that communities must meet to be eligible and many requirements to meet before a suit may be filed.

Who is eligible:
A community association that:

How does a community association meet all these requirements?

    Many large community associations will not be able to meet the requirements - particularly the 25 percent requirement. However, if you think you might be using this law, you should:

What does a community association have to do before it can file a law suit?

    In ALL cases, the community association must first:


This law cannot be used for an action:

When the Community Association Files an Action, It Must:

Be prepared to post a bond in an amount set by the court (this can vary a GREAT deal) to be paid to the defendant for any costs incurred as a result of the suit, IF the court finds that the action was filed in bad faith or without substantial justification.

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