Community Page Registry

If you maintain a community web page in the Baltimore, MD area, you belong in the Registry!

     All Community Organizations in the Baltimore Metropolitan area are invited to register their page in our exclusive search engine. Once registered, others can find your page very easily by entering a key word into our search engine.

      When the search is completed, the viewers can click on a link to go directly to your page.

     Entering your URL is simple, and you'll be able to enter a 20 to 25 word description of your page. The more keywords you use, the easier it will be for someone to find your community. For example, if your community emphasizes relocation, you could enter the keyword relocate...and then a series of other keywords that describe your community. The more descriptive your keywords, the easier it will be for a viewer to find a match.

     If this is your first entry in the registry system, please select the Register option as your first action.

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