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By Paul L. Jarboe

     Hi, I discovered your site by accident, and was so delighted.

     I was born in Baltimore, August 9 1938, on Federal Avenue, I lived as a child at 1406 North Luzern Avenue, as a child in the 40's until 1949, when my father passed away. He is buried in the Lord Baltimore cemetary.

     I had aunts and cousins who resided in Baltimore also, my Aunt Ruth lived on 1454 Battery Avenue, just a short distance from the Inner Harbor. I was last there for a visit in 1982.

     I remember lots of things in that general neighborhood where I lived, and our church, St. Andrews Episcopal. I remember easter parades and christmas down around I think Mounument Street, and the Hippodrome Theatre, and an open air market called Bel Air Market.

     I had a lot of fun times in Baltimore, and I remember the hot summer evenings when everyone in the neighborhood would be sitting out on the marble steps and talking and drinking and eating, and a lot of discussions about the war and the rations.

     I left Baltimore the summer after my father died, he was an employee of the city of Baltimore water works I believe. I now reside in Illinois.

     Well enough said for now, but I was so excited to find this site. I have many memories of my life in Baltimore up to te age of 11 when I left.

Paul L. Jarboe

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